With a huge variety of flavours, you can mix & match and be as creative as you like.
You can also choose more than one filling for your cake. Just let your imagination run wild and your taste buds decide. 1 filling and 1 frosting is already included in the cake price.

Add 1 extra filling just for additional £2*
Add 2 extra filling for £3*

1. Pick a Cake

2. Pick a Filling

3. Pick a Frosting

cakes-1Vanilla fillings-1Salted caramel frostings-1Vanilla Swiss buttercream
cakes-2Zesty lemon fillings-2Vanilla buttercream frostings-2White chocolate buttercream
cakes-3Lotus Biscoff fillings-3Chocolate ganache frostings-3Chocolate buttercream
cakes-4Coffee fillings-4Fruit jam frostings-4Fondant +£5 to £10
cakes-5Chocolate fudge Fresh FruitFresh fruit frostings-5Chocolate ganache
cakes-6White chocolate cake fillings-6Cream cheese frostings-4Cream cheese
cakes-7Salted Caramel fillings-7Peanut butter frostings-7Salted caramel
cakes-8Red velvet fillings-8Nutella frostings-8Lotus Biscoff Buttercream
cakes-9Ferrero Rocher cake fillings-9Choice of chocolate +£2 frostings-9Nutella buttercream
cakes-10Cheesecake fillings-10Lemon curd frostings-10Whipped cream
fillings-11Lotus Biscoff frostings-11Mocha
fillings-12Cookie n cream frostings-12Coffee buttercream
fillings-13Piñata cake (smarties inside) +£7 frostings-13Cookie dough

*Note: Costs mentioned above for fillings and frostings are for 6-8inch cakes. Charges will be higher for larger cakes.